“The digital measurement and customization of the message”
This statement is the key. At least to meet the needs of this historical phase where the physical and the digital converge.

For years, we collect data. More and more. And today we are talking about BIG DATA .
For years, we analyze the data return from the country (few of us) . And today we are talking about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE .
For years we pursue the customers with the ambition to anticipate them. Few succeed. And today we talk about customization.

From my point of view, the truth is only one = going back to do 1to1 marketing , where the target is potentially a cluster but the communication will be called Luke , Julia, Valeria , Claire, Francis, Charles , Silvia , Marcello , … and the process will be totally customized.

I do not think the randomness and the growth of something from nothing. Today we are all starting from an experience that already exists.

Continuing , the establishment of a relationship of trust certainly has a beginning and can have an end, but in terms of creation, itself part of a conscious beginning in the consumer, often obvious or latent , which manifests itself in the way and when stimulated at the right time . Today, I do not think that a process can be created from nothing. The stimuli are so many hidden and obvious that the process of awareness of a need for primary or accessory becomes part of a long path on average , where the start is the end of something else. Try to think of any product you use.

Today , it can happen to buy a pair of shoes different from the usual and you were happy when you change your relationship for an objective reason ( I was disappointed , it was broken too soon , …) or subjective (I do not like it anymore , it is no longer fashionable, you find one more beautiful , …). In this new transformed into a new one FINE START . Your experience continues with the new and in the best of hypotheses grows starting from a new beginning connected to a previous end , ie from a esperenzia passed. The example can also be applied to other similar durable goods such as electronics, cars , motorcycles , even for food … Soon we can say that the relationship has a START and END after that with more and more difficulties will a phase of creation , especially for consumers who are increasingly prepared and knowledgeable on the subject of food.

I am convinced that, in this path where START and END are not just part of a process of engagement that changes the relationship between consumer, brand and product is constantly evolving. The task of marketing becomes therefore is to develop strategies for change and response prediction is aware of the same . Not only emotional but mostly experiential , and in this Digital Marketing offers a lot, by the co-creation of value to the shopping experience increased.

I do not even believe in the absolute END of a relationship of respect .

A relationship between brand and consumer can terminate but can not destroy the relationship and the knowledge that in terms of value it has built up over time .

In recent years, the marketing is growing wildly. It is connecting like an octopus in all disciplines who share with him the necessary information to its modern applications and increasingly captures the data. In this ecosystem and all interacts quickly comes down to a basic information , such as who is our customer and from here starts expanding its mesh connection to the shopping experience , attitudes , behavior, purchases , etc … a multitude of data growing over time and increasingly represent the cultural heritage of the companies and especially the intelligence button in the production of goods and services.

Nulla si Crea ma Tutto si trasforma
Nulla si Crea ma Tutto si trasforma

The moment ends a strong relationship between consumer and brand as we can imagine that something will ” destroy ” ? maybe it will change the link , but this change will be a new source of information and reasoning . From here you can start a new analysis aware of the brand to improve the relationship with the consumer and prevent the event happening again in the future or that the relationship can be recovered . Nothing is lost today.

If nothing is creatable and nothing is destructible , we can only say that it all turns .

The course develops experiential constantly putting Brand and Product increasingly being tested . The certainties of the past are the prelude to a potential failure if they are not checked continuously.

Compared with the models of the past, today we live in a historical period where the information is very fast and multi-channel . Consequently, the stimuli and the messages arrive continuously with rules and habits are very different and often random . Define models today it is very difficult unless you bind quickly to factors measuring real-time rendering them less and less old .

My experience is that analysis of study always takes me longer to cancel my absolute certainties and to recognize the new and modern in the new basis. It seems to be an answer at the time but in reality it is a requirement of the present, driven by the knowledge that a related market is a market in constant evolution and be academics and analyzers marketing is a role now overtaken by events.

Today we need to be pragmatic visionary marketers to anticipate the transformation! Some will say that this has always been their role but with the data at hand few people will be able to demonstrate .

Thank you!