That’s Proximity Marketing!

TV First. We are all working. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google are a few examples. The war pushed by Digital will soon come to take possession of our home TV. Win as is happening on the front of the tablet and smartphone technology on the one hand (the device) and publishers of content on the other hand, opening a very large potential market for all those who intend to implement App to increase the interactivity between spectacle and spectator. Who will take up the technology will have control of the content!

After a few days spent under the covers because the influence and myself enjoyed the end of my favorite series Fringe , Walking Dead , and then revised for the umpteenth time, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings , I started to tell myself that comment and participate in discussions or vote as in Xfactor Italy is a level of interaction that starts to get tired ( and in the next edition if you tried to create an internal chat ? doing gaming entertainment , perhaps adding a rating system in real time or a system of messenger thread …?) . Today . I have to watch two screens. Switch from one app to another. Sometimes pause the movie , the transmission (when you can because otherwise you lose the effect of real-time) and then resume watching . All too tiring and especially little constructive because the content is vaguely “smart” and consistent with the show and free of profanity and various nonsense. Tomorrow, users will no longer suffice interact in these forms . It ‘s too little challenging and even a sense of leadership in seeing for an instant tweet posted will be sufficient. Tomorrow . We would like to access information agggiuntive that complement my experience of video spettattore . We would like to see simultaneously on the same screen and other content that increase the reality and allow me to increase understanding . We would like to buy what you ‘ll see! We would like to interact with the plot of the show in an active way ! We would like to choose to click the actor , studying his filmography , commenting on it and then continue watching ! We would like to change the ending of the story. Read the pages of the book on which the film is based …

The Xbox One, for example, has introduced a service that allows voice to support on-screen App specially designed and with whom you can interact directly with the tv. This example could be the way that Apple and Samsung will follow in their future.

Why do not we are still experiencing a real active interactivity with the TV and its contents?
The reason is that you are still putting in order all the key factors and then we will be ready for a new experiential level that is expected to definitely exciting as that experienced thanks to the iPhone with the move from the mobile phone to the smartphone. We’ll just have to wait then you should also develop a new model of customer experience that brings the interaction with the show directly on the screen because the second screen in the living room is tiring and especially island and the family does not make him a sharer. Also, if you do see content on demand or “binge watching” (ie see a roundup of recorded episodes of your series) does not make sense the social-TV. They will come new economic models.

Events for second. As in the case of retail, even for tv you can talk about convergence between online and offline. If I could while they are at the stadium, the GranPremio F1 or a concert rather use an app that allows me to access interactive services in real time? might distract from the show but could fill the moments of tired or bored giving me new experiences.

Let me give some examples:
– The derby milan -inter : get the live match commentary via earphones; review the reply of an action on my smartphone , get the statistics of the game in real time; study the formation from the screen; bet on foreign exchange and on the result with friends ; …
– To GranPremio f1 : follow live all the main scenes of the race even when you do not play in front of my desk , have technical data on race ; connect to the chamber of my favorite driver ; …
– At the concert : access the text of the song ; connect to a camera closer to the group.

The convergence of TV and the real show , puts the viewer in the middle of a multi-dimensional experiential process . Newco already born who develop interactive information services that expand the user experience ( ) .

As for the tv also for events and shows there are still winning models with experiential applications so evolved . There are still users and potential customers. But we’ll get there very soon. Presto!