Without noticing it, all they ask us to be more independent, selfservice.

Think about it. From the service station to postal services. From your bank at Mc Donalds (did you see the last check-in totem?). From car washes to toll systems. From breakfast in the hotel offers at lunch in the canteen. From traditional purchases to electronic payment. Many offers you the option to skip the queues and avoid any human interface to your advantage. But in reality the benefits are for all and all this is part of a larger pattern of social life which alone among so many years we will have the opportunity to read fully.

Selfservice is not new, nor even a brilliant idea, but it is in fact a social process, enabled by technology and innovation. It is not just to rationalize and reduce costs or to reduce staff. The “do it yourself” is a definite step in social, cultural and experiential, during which many habits will change, concentrating on the time available in new situations. Yet the “do it yourself” is a philosophy and a trend adopted by many for several years to identify many self-employment from the distribution installation.

Today, something is changing.
The “do it yourself” is inherent in the evolution of modern culture and behavior of society. The innovation allows us to be autonomous and independent decision-makers, users seeds “smart” able to choose, to inform and interact autonomously. We will always be more independent and increasingly the heart of the evolutionary process of the company. I do not recognize it directly but we will help more and more to a company that will develop through shared intelligence and social.

This process will develop the Proximity Marketing of the future, concentrate the issues of proximity and geo-location of services selfservice useful to improve the customer experience, making it more autonomous and emotional. And so the future will become increasingly integrated with the processes and apparently freer. We will be more aware.

Modern businesses, those who have daily reports with thousands of people, are already studying their self-service interfaces while those who have already taken are improving based on the principles of “total autonomy” and “experiential emotion.”

Soon the evolution of the services will increasingly require a full and complete range of customers by projecting companies to streamline human resources and increasing the use of self service (totem, smart pos, cash machines, web services) and mobile on tablet and smartphones. The rss feed of proximity in which they are enrolled send me more self-service communications services for all kinds of applications and recently abound stations seeds intelligent health services, examination of blood pressure control. But it is still confirmed the trend towards which you are focusing the main investments: the electronic payment and the self checkout.

In a world selfservice which will be the fate of human resources (waiters / and employees / and committed / s, …)? The process will be long, but we will prepare a society very different from today especially on the side of co-creation, use and sharing of goods.

I imagine a scenario in which we will create goods. Arise new jobs and new businesses but completely different from the present. Very large companies exist very advanced and automated and self-employed persons who participate in the creation and distribution of customized goods. The machines will build the machines and the man will be dedicated to new universe discovering the time to think and reason for a better world.